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4 main fabric types used in making sweaters


Besides keeping you warm, sweaters can help you make a fashion statement. Sweaters are a casual wardrobe staple for most men. However, they come in different shapes, materials, and knits. The huge variety out there makes it hard to find a good one. What constitutes a good sweater? A good sweater should be made from quality materials, have a proper fit, look stylish, and complement your looks. That said, here are some classic fabric types for most sweaters.

Main fabric types

Cashmere sweater


This fabric for this sweater is extracted from the hairs of the Kashmir goat. This material is naturally light and luxuriously soft. Since this sweater provides enough warmth without being too bulky, most cashmere sweaters are thin-knit sweaters. Sweaters made from this material are known to have a consistent look as this fabric layers perfectly with other materials. As a tip, get a simple and smooth sweater with a plain color for maximum versatility.

Woolen sweaters

Woolen sweaters come in different styles. These differences are often informed by the geographical location they are from. For instance, Donegal wool is known to have little tufts of colored fibers scattered over the weave. Plain sheep wool is equally common in making sweaters. However, the quality varies significantly depending on the breed of sheep and the quality of treatment. Woollen sweaters are great options for anyone looking for a sweater that will last. The only downside is that it is susceptible to damage from heat and improper dying materials.

Cotton sweaters

Most people associate sweaters with wool and cotton. The good thing about cotton is that it is lighter, cheaper, and easier to clean than wool. This makes it a practical and better option to use during warm months. Another good thing about cotton sweaters is that they are customizable and can be used to make just any other style of sweater. Sweaters made from cotton are cooler than those made from wool and cashmere. You can also wear cotton sweaters directly in your skin without any irritation.

Synthetic fabric sweater

dxADScaSSynthetic fabrics are slowly becoming popular today. This is attributed to the fact that they are cheaper than those made from natural products. Not just that, artificial sweaters can mimic the properties of wool and cotton. Be careful when shopping for synthetic fibers, as most of them tend to be of a lower quality than cashmere or wool.

Besides the material, you also need to look at other things like sweater fit, and level of formality offered by the sweater. If you are looking for a sweater, an ugly sweater will help you make a fashion statement.