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Buying Guide For Best Neck Knives


A neck knife as its name suggests is a knife that can be used for various things like hunting but is usually carried around on one’s neck. Before buying a good neck knife, there are various factors that one should consider. This article features the buying guide for best neck knives

Neck Knives

The design of the knife


Neck knives come in a variety of design. When determining the design of the knife needed, one ought to know the use of the knife, the frequency of carrying it, where they will be using it among other questions. The uses of the neck knives will help you in determining the kind of knife one will go for since each design has a primary use in question.

The sheath of the knife

The neck knife is normally worn around the neck hence the sheath will definitely be dangling. The sheath is very important since it holds the knife in place. A good sheath should not rattle if one shakes the knife vigorously. One should go for a sheath that has an open system but is firm and has ease of accessibility. This will also mean that it will be secure since one does not want a knife that will strike their feet when it should be dangling from their neck. A bad sheath may make it difficult to draw the knife when it is needed the most.

The lanyard

There are two main types of lanyards. There some which come with a bead chain while the others come with a Para cord. Para cords are more durable since they have more strength. Bead chains are adjustable which makes one find the right size which will hang around their neck. One should consider going for the knife that has Para cords since it is more secure. However, they may not be the best choice especially if one is going with it to activities which will involve falling or slipping since it may pose a threat.

Blade material

The blade is the main part of the knife. Besides determining what the knife will be used for cutting, the material of the blade will help one in determining the quality of the knife, how sharp it is, whether it will resist corrosion and even how durable it is. There are two types of blade material, carbon steel and stainless steel. Among the two, stainless steel is the best since it is more corrosion resistant, is easily maintained and very affordable. Carbon steel, on the other hand, has more maintenance requirements since it is frequently oiled. Its main advantage is that it retains its edges better than the stainless steel knife.

The weight of the knife

jhhghghhggMost people prefer buying light knives since they are hung on the neck. No one wants a neck knife that will have additional weight on them. Since the neck knives have different weights, one should weigh the different knives to see which one they will comfortably carry around their neck.

One can now easily buy their preferred knife by looking at these factors.