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Maintenance Tips for Your Garden BBQ & Grill Space


The quality of our social life might heavily rely on the backyard of our house. What can be more bonding than a BBQ & Grill Evening on Friday?

Here, we are discussing the way to maintain both the function and the look of your grilling space. Function alone, without hygiene, will be the major unappetizing factor for your guest, that will probably make him/her reluctant to join your feast.

Learn how to keep your BBQ & grill space in its tip-top condition by reading the information below.

Grill maintenance

Your grill is probably a branded name, of which the durability is superior to others. But regardless, maintenance is strongly needed.

Charcoal grillThe first thing you must know is that weather is the number one enemy of all metals. Even if your grill is rust-proof, dust can ruin its flawless look. And food remains can be the breeding ground for harmful microorganisms.

Weber has been known as the most durable grill on the market. It is easy to clean and rust-proof. But just in case you find some damages on your grill, Weber replacement parts are very easy to find online. You can order them, and your grill night plan will not be disturbed.

Cleaning grillThere are two types of grill, which are gas and charcoal. Gas leaves relatively minor debris on the grill if compared to charcoal. To clean the grill, you just need a damp cloth and liquid cleaners, like G-Clean, Mr. Clean, and Easy Off.

Each time you heat up your grill, leave it for awhile so that the sticky debris can burn into ashes. Then clean the charcoal box with a steel brush. Or, if yours is a gas grill, cleaning the grill bars is enough.

Maintaining the surrounding

big grillActually, you cannot just place your grill freely close to your house. You need to mind where the heat and the smoke goes. If you set it too close to your walls, the siding will get discolored easily and will turn into a burnt color.

Cleaning clothTherefore, if you happen to realize it just now, move your grill immediately. Usually, people place their grills on the extended part of their backyard patio or porch. But if you have nowhere else, be ready if your house loses its pretty.

Right after any grill feast, you must get used to cleaning the surrounding. The bench, the floor, and other exteriors that are in proximity to the grill might get affected. Check them and clean them quickly, because the cooking smoke is sticky, and can leave a permanent stain.

Covering your grill

outdoor fix grillAlthough summer is the highest season for you to use the grill, you still need to cover your grill with covering sheet or move it indoors, if possible, so you do not need to clean the accumulated dust on it.

CoverAnd if your grill is too heavy to move in, or if it is already in a fixed position, you can buy grill cover to protect it against winter and rainy season. Homitt, Weber, Blackstone, and Char-broil are the top three brand names on Amazon.com that have all seasons grill cover.