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Ultimate Guide For SEO


Research should be carried out before any person can start any SEO tasks. An essential aspect of SEO is considered to research. The campaign on the website can be interfered with by a person coming up with wrong words since the traffic levels will be low and minimal conversions will be generated. In the long run, no serious business will be going on, and losses will be made. When important pages on the website are being optimized, ranking involved, relevancy and search volume should be considered by an individual.. Words which are competitive and broad should be avoided at all cost.

Current problems being identified


One should audit his or her website to look for challenges and issues which should be addressed and solved. A screaming frog tool is used to locate errors on the website. It cans spider images, links, script, applications, CSS, and links on the website. In other terms, it offers an SEO consultant with a summary of information in regards to redirects, errors, header tags which are missing, duplicate pages and so on. When errors are identified, SEO, conversation rate, and overall usability are improved in the process.

Website’s speed being established

Clients usually avoid sites which load at a slow rate. The sites which take more than three seconds are ignored by the majority of visitors. One is advised not to lose potential clients because of the speed of the website being slow. The site’s speed is increased by purchasing additional server space by incorporating various CMS. Reduction of file sizes and images is another way of increasing the speed.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization is made up of the chores performed on the pages of the website which aid in ranking the site highly.  An SEO consultant should focus mostly on keyword optimization, internal linking, site structure, usability, rich snippets, and integration of social media and consumer reviews.

Structure of the website

Information architecture is regarded as an important concept when an individual is creating a new website or redesigning. The usability of the website can be significantly affected by an excellent architecture. In future when there is proper planning, the product lines are expanded. Lucid chart tool can be used for the development of charts for the information architecture of the website.



If one’s website has the best usability, current and potential clients will continue visiting the site at all times. The website is having the greatest experience it shows that it is easier to use and to accommodate.  The usability testing should also be included.